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Services Provided on the BANAPASSPORT Card Site
The data on your BANAPASSPORT Card can be temporarily locked by registering your card on this website to prevent other people from using it, or the data can be transferred to a new card if your card is lost or damaged.
Registration is free.

Charged services may be provided in the future.

*You will be charged a communication fee when connecting.

Service Site Usage Procedures
Use the site in the following order.
(1) Obtain a card used on games supporting BANAPASSPORT.
(2) New user registration for BandaiNamcoID.
(3) Login to BANAPASSPORT Card Site (this site).
(4) Register card and link BandaiNamcoID to card.
(5) You can use services on the BANAPASSPORT Card Site.
To Anyone that doesn't have a BandaiNamco ID
Please register your email address after agreeing to the Terms of Service on the member registration page.

A URL to the member registration page will be sent to the email that is registered.

The BANAPASSPORT Card you are using can be registered by clicking the URL that is sent to your email, and then entering the required information.

The BandaiNamcoID that is provided can be used as a common ID on any site supporting the BANAPASSPORT.

To Anyone that has a BandaiNamcoID
Members that already have a BandaiNamcoID can register their card by agreeing to the Terms of Service for this site.

Using the BANAPASSPORT Card Site
- Click below for details about how to use service sites.