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This agreement describes the terms on which BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc. (hereinafter referred to as COMPANY) offers services provided through the "BANAPASSPORT Card Site" (hereinafter referred to as SERVICES), which is the website related to operating the "BANAPASSPORT CARD" authentication system. By using the SERVICES, you agree to and accept these Terms of Service.

  • Anyone whom wants to use the SERVICES must register as a "Bandai Namco ID" member.

  • A "Bandai Namco ID" will be registered to you and displayed when using the SERVICES. The Bandai Namco ID Membership Agreement is available here.

  • Your email address, nickname, date of birth, and sex are required to register as a Bana Passport Member. The email address, nickname, date of birth, and sex that are registered may be used for the operation of the SERVICES, contact or response to inquiries related to the SERVICES, providing information, or supporting and handling problems and questionnaires related to the SERVICES.

  • You agree to bear any cost incurred by accessing the SERVICES, such as communication fees.

  • You agree not to use the SERVICES in any way that could be deemed malicious or in a way that the SERVICES are not intended to be used.

  • The COMPANY provides the SERVICES on an "as is" basis with no guarantee of faultlessness, correctness, or usability. The COMPANY does not guarantee, and cannot be held responsible for, the faultlessness, correctness, or usability of information provided in line with the SERVICES.

  • The range of liability in the event that the COMPANY is liable for damages related to using the SERVICES regardless of the terms defined in the previous articles is limited to clear and direct damages. The COMPANY is not responsible for any damages, lost earnings, consequential loss, or any other damages resulting from special circumstances regardless of whether the COMPANY could foresee those damages.

  • The COMPANY does not guarantee the availability of the SERVICES. The COMPANY has the right to temporarily stop or interrupt the SERVICES at any time without notice.

  • The COMPANY also has the right to change or end the SERVICES in part or in whole at any time without notice.

  • The COMPANY may suspend or stop your use of the SERVICES without notice if the COMPANY determines that you have violated any of the terms in this Agreement. The COMPANY is not liable for any damages resulting from the suspending or stopping service.

  • The SERVICES may be interrupted or stopped in part or in whole if the COMPANY determines the communication equipment or system is damaged, scheduled or emergency maintenance is required, or in the cases of an Act of God, such as accidents, disasters, or wars. The COMPANY is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that are incurred by interrupting or stopping the SERVICES.

  • The COMPANY may amend, add, or change this Agreement or the SERVICES without notice. This Agreement is valid to the full extent whereas the consumer protection laws or any other laws that are enforced are not violated.

  • This Agreement is governed under the laws and regulations of Japan. You agree that any dispute occurs between you and the COMPANY in regards to the SERVICES or this Agreement will be resolved in the Tokyo District Courts.

Established: March 2011
Revised: April 1, 2018