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Using My Page: Viewing Registered Card Information

You can manage your BANA Passport Cards on My Page.
You can register up to 3 cards to a single BANDAI NAMCO ID,assigning them to slots 1 through 3.
How Information for Registered Cards is Displayed
Access Code This is the unique 20-digit number assigned to each card.
Type This is a type of media for which an access code has been set.It is normally displayed as "Card".
Comment You can add a unique comment to each card, in order to distinguish between multiple cards according to how you use them, for example.
Date of Registration This is the date the card was registered.
Last Date Used This is the date the card was last used.
Lock You can lock a card (restrict use of the card) that has been lost or stolen to prevent someone else from using it.
Change Comment You can set a unique comment for each card.This is useful for distinguishing between multiple cards according to how you use them.To change the comment, enter a text message (up to 16 characters) in the comment box, and then press the Change Comment button.
Transfer Data If a card becomes damaged, you can transfer its data to a new card.
[Display in lock]
Lock released This button is displayed when a card is locked.Press this button to unlock the card.