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Bandai Namco ID Renewal Notification
2018/01/25 17:00
Thank you for using Bandai Namco ID.

This is a notification about upcoming maintenance for the Bandai Namco ID update.

■ Time and Date of Maintenance

 10:00 AM JST Feb 19th, 2018 (Mon.) until 10:00 AM JST Feb 20th, 2018 (Tue.) (planned)

 *During maintenance all Bandai Namco ID functions,
such as logging in and payments, will not be available.

■ Update Details

[New Functions]
 ● Bandai Namco ID will be available through LINE/Facebook/Twitter accounts.
  *You may need to register your e-mail, depending on the service you're using.
  *Please be aware that if you do not register your e-mail, you will not receive
   notifications from Bandai Namco ID, such as Banacoin expiry notices.

 ● Existing Bandai Namco ID accounts will be able to be linked to LINE/Facebook/Twitter accounts.

[Functions Being Removed]
● Feature Phone (flip-phone) Compatibility
   Compatibility with feature phones, a.k.a. “flip-phones”, will end due to security enhancements.

   As of Feb 19th, 2018, Bandai Namco ID functions will be unavailable,
and will only be accessible by smartphone/tablet/PC.

● Parental Control (What is parental control?)
  With the removal of current functions, all customer settings will be reset.

  Additionally, we are planning updates to current functions that will make it easier and safer
to use for children and their guardians.

  We thank you for your patience, and ask that you please look forward to these updates.

● Payment Notification E-mail when Purchasing Banacoins
  A payment notification e-mail will no longer be sent when purchasing Banacoins.
  You can check your payment history in your bankbook.

We hope you continue to enjoy using Bandai Namco ID.

Bandai Namco ID Office