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Regarding unauthorized access to the BANDAI NAMCO ID Portal Site, and request for password update
2014/06/30 19:30
To all BANDAI NAMCO ID users, we have evidence of at least 14,399 unauthorized logins registered to our servers between June 28th and the 29th. It is believed that the IDs and Passwords leaked from a third party service. The unauthorized logins have ceased for the time being. However, there is still a chance that unauthorized logins may occur. We are asking all users to check the below site to see if your ID was logged into fraudulently. We would also like to ask all users to change your passwords.

-- Check whether your account was logged into fraudulently here (requires login):

-- Change your password here (requires login):

We also offer a "One Time Password" service to better protect your information. Please see below for details:

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We continue to strive to serve our users in a safe, secure environment. We hope you will continue to use BANDAI NAMCO ID.

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