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Notification: Introduction to One-Time-Password
2013/11/21 18:00
Thank you for supporting our BANDAI NAMCO ID.

Recently an One-Time-Password authentication option has been implemented. Complete the settings for the One-Time-Password Log-in to increase your security on BANDAI NAMCO ID Portal. To set up the One-Time-Password, please follow the steps below:

1. Log-in to BANDAI NAMCO ID Portal.
2. Select "Basic Information - BANDAI NAMCO ID Settings" in Menu.
3. Enter the letters displayed for the authorization and select "Submit".
4. Enter the Security Code sent to your BANDAI NAMCO ID (your e-mail address) and select "Authenticate".
5. Select "Edit" of the One-Time-Password.
6. Select "Set".

Once the One-Time-Password has been set up, you will receive e-mails on BANDAI NAMCO ID containing the One-Time-Password at each log-in. Enter the code to complete the authentication.

*Please note that BANDAI NAMCO ID Portal is currently the only service to offer the One-Time-Password option.

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