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Bandai Namco ID (email address) change

*This inquiry form is for those who cannot make changes to their Bandai Namco ID (email address).

In some cases, this info can be changed on your own, so please verify the cases in which this may apply.

Cases when you can change your info yourself:
Please check the cases which apply to you.
(1) If you remember your registered Bandai Namco ID (email address) or password

(Includes cases in which the email address is invalid.)

->Please change your email address here.

(2) If you remember your Bandai Namco ID (email address) but not your password

(Only when the email address registered for the Bandai Namco ID is valid.)

->First, click here to reset your password.

Then, click here to change your email address.

Cases when you cannot change your info yourself:
(3) If the email address registered for the Bandai Namco ID is invalid

and you have forgotten your password:

->Please contact us via the following form.

*The following items marked with a "*" are required.
*Please submit any regular inquiries here.

User Confirmation Data

In order to confirm that the information you’ve entered matches the information registered
with your Bandai Namco ID, please enter as much as possible.
Note: you cannot change your email address if we cannot confirm your identity.

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