Request of the confirmation about the unauthorized login
Request of the confirmation about the unauthorized login

About the "Unauthorized Login Cases to ID Portal Site of NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. and Request for Password Change to Customers" released at September 27th, 2013 we sincerely apologize for the inconveniences this has caused.
Please confirm the following to confirm what happened and how to respond.

[1] To confirm your BANDAI NAMCO ID was target of the unauthorized login or not

■How to use
Access to the BANDAI NAMCO ID status confirmation page

Login by the BANDAI NAMCO ID which you want to confirm the status
*If you cannot login
Please reset your password from this page (URL:

Result will be displayed if your BANDAI NAMCO ID was target or not

A.Your BANDAI NAMCO ID is not target
There are no possibility that your BANDAI NAMCO ID has been unauthorized login

B.Your BANDAI NAMCO ID is target
There are possibility that your BANDAI NAMCO ID has been unauthorized login
Your password may have used illegally, so please set the password that you have never used before.

[2] What happened and how to respond

●What happened?
Unauthorized login to the BANDAI NAMCO ID top page by using ID and passwords considered to be leaked from third party services

●What information potentially accessed?
E-mail address, date of birth, sex, country/region of residence, nickname
(If you have additionally registered) sub e-mail address, PSN on-line ID

●Were there any address information leaked?
No access has been made to the pages where customer address information is stored

●Were there any credit card information leaked?
BANDAI NAMCO ID do not keep the credit card information

●Are there any damage if PSN on-line ID leaks?
There are no damage because you cannot use PlayStationNetwork's services by PSN on-line ID only.

●What is the countermeasure to the unauthorized login?
We have locked the target BANDAI NAMCO ID to prevent illegal use and will send the e-mailto explain about this matter individually.
We have locked the personal information page to prevent the damage from spreading, .

●What are you going to do for the countermeasure from now?
We have implemented the One-Time-Password authentication to browse and edit the customer profile page not to easily accessed and referred even if unauthorized logins happens.

●How can we prevent unauthorized login?
Do not use same password of other online services and please change your password periodically


Please send any inquiries to the following contact via e-mail.

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