Family Group

When a child starts using a service, this feature asks the parent or guardian to grant permission to use the service, and to enter the information required. Children will not be able to proceed to the next screen unless they have permission. This is to ensure they can use the service safely under parental supervision. The feature also provides the ability to temporarily lock your child's account or change the password.
* Children are treated as such if they are under a certain age according to the laws and regulations of their country. However, anyone under the age of 13 shall always be treated as a child.
* A parent or guardian will need to obtain a Bandai Namco ID if they do not have one already.
* The parent or guardian must be of legal age. We will verify that they are of legal age via credit card. Please have a credit card ready to be used for age verification purposes only.
Creating New Accounts for Children
Family Groups will require parents or guardians to create an account for their child via Account > Family Group > Add a new account. Please give your child the information for the account created.

Permission From Parents
An e-mail will be sent to the parent or guardian when a new service is added to the child's account. Click on the link in the email to proceed. Children will not be able to proceed to the next screen until permission is granted.

* This serves as a protective feature on the Bandai Namco ID screen. Parental verification may not be available within each individual service.
Locking a Child's Account
A parent or guardian can temporarily lock or change the password of their child's account from the Bandai Namco ID account screen to prevent their child from using the service.

* This feature prevents logins, but does not provide a forced logout. Please be aware that some services keep accounts logged in for a while, and your child may retain access until the account has timed out, even after the account has been locked.
Advertisement Placement & Analysis
We will not place advertisements on your child's account or analyze its usage. Your child's activities and privacy are safe and secure.

Children With Existing Accounts
The Family Group feature requires children who already have a Bandai Namco ID account to be linked to a parent or guardian. If you receive the following message when logging in, please go to Account > Family Group > Add an existing account.

A Child Account is required to use this service.

* The child's account will be locked and unavailable until it has been linked to the parent or guardian.